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Carl Hugo Hahn
Namibia National Archives

1858 Portuguese traveller F Da Costa Leal reaches the lower course of the Kunene River.
Charles John Andersson resigns from the Walfish Bay Mining Company.
Robert Lewis comes to Nama- and Damaraland to hunt and trade.
The eight Uukwanyama King Haimbili yaHaufiku dies in Ovamboland. His successor is Haikukutu yaShinangola (1858-1859).
In the Ongandjera area Amunyela gwa Tshaningwa (1858-1862) becomes the fifteenth Ongandjera king. He follows king Namutenya. The Ongandjera kingdom is at the peak of its power.
Earlier Ongandjera kings cannot be precisely dated. In a descending order they are the following Ongandjera kings: Namutenya; Nalukale; Namatsi; Tshaanika tsha Tshiimi; Amwaama; Asino; Amunyela gwIileka; Namatsi; Nangombe; Nkandi kAmwaama; in the fourth line there are three kings: Niita yIitula, Nandigolo uIitula and Nuunyango uIitula; Amatundu ga Nima; Nangombe ya Mangundu and Niilwa.

A peace agreement for Hoachanas is initiated by missionary Vollmer, and Jonker and ||Oaseb (of the Kai||khaun) form an alliance. ||Oaseb confirms the terms of the original alliance of the 1820s. He recognises Jonker as equal to him in status and as the overlord of Hereroland. ||Oaseb’s area stretches from the Kalahari to the Auas Mountains, with the Kuiseb River as border line.
The treaty with 12 articles does not contain a clause for co-operation against exploitation by the traders.
The treaty is ratified by 13 Nama chiefs including ||Oaseb (or #Karab), Willem Swartbooi (or !Huiseb #Haobemab), Jager #Aimab of the ||-gain (or "Groot Doden"), #Garib of the Kai||khaun, Hendrik Henricks (or !Nanib gaib #Arisemab) of the ||Hawoben, Piet Koper !Gamab of the Fransman-Nama or !Khara-khoen, Kido Witbooi (or #A-||ib), Amraal Lambert (or #Gai|nub) of the Kai|khauan, Jonker Afrikaner (or |Hara-mb), David Christian Frederiks (or ||Naixab) of the Bethany Nama (or !Aman), Paul Goliath (#Hobexab) of Berseba, and Jan and Piet Kopervoet, sons of Ua Tjirue Tjamuaha.

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The Treaty of Hoachanas, 1858
Namibia National Archives

Leaders in the territory sign a treaty outlawing mining concessions and land sales to colonists, except by common agreement.
End 1858 James Barry Munnik establishes a fishery at Walvis Bay.
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