1814 The leader of the Kai||khaun, Gaméb !Gaomab dies. His successor is Tsawúb Gamab.
27.07. Johann-Heinrich Schmelen of the London Missionary Society establishes a mission station in Bethany (also called |Ui#gandes or Klipfontein), where the Orlam family Boois (also called Frederiks) has lived since 1804. Jan Boois (or Jan Frederiks), son of Captain Kobus Boois (or Kobus Frederiks), later becomes Schmelen’s interpreter. Schmelen reports about the threatening anti-missionary attitude of Titus Afrikaner.
The Bethany Orlams are called "Bethany Nama" or "!Aman". Amraal Lambert (or #Gai|nub), a relative of Jonker Afrikaner from the Kai|khauan (later called "Khauas Nama"), accompanies Schmelen.

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Bethany: London Missionary Schmelen's House: 1814: Karas Region
Copyright of Photos Dr. Klaus Dierks

1815 Jager Afrikaner is baptised by Ebner of the London Missionary Society.
Reverend John Campbell of the London Missionary Society reports about the Nama and Dama as well as the Orlam Afrikaner.
22.01. During the Vienna Conference – which is followed by the treaty of 18.07.1817 – the British Crown renounces all claims to 15° south and restricts herself to 18°24' south (Cape Frio).
1816 Hendrik van Zyl lives at the farm Uitkomst (until 1843), where virtually all missionaries stop over on their journeys to and from Damaraland and Hereroland.
Robert Moffat of the London Missionary Society works among the Orlam Afrikaners.
In the Kavango the Uukwangali Queen Mate II is followed by King Siremo (1818-1822). Siremo’s brother, Mpepo, with the support of the Uukwanyama community in Ovamboland, overthrows and kills Siremo. Mpepo becomes the next Uukwangali King (1822-1833). He abuses his privileges and is alleged to have violated the wives of some of his subjects who, consequently, desert him.
18.10. Carl Hugo Hahn is born near Riga in Latvia.
1819 Moffat abandons his mission with the Orlams and returns to Cape Town.
1820 Maharero (or Kamaharero) is born (ca. 1820) to Ua Tjirue Tjamuaha and his first wife Otjorozumo, daughter of Ndomo, daughter of Peraa, daughter of Mbondo, daughter of Mukuejuva of the eanda yomukueyuva (community or clan). Maharero, although later on good terms with Carl Hugo Hahn, never converts to Christianity.
The Wesleyan Missionary Society begins its mission work among the Nama. The first Wesleyan missionary is Barnabas Shaw.

James Kitchingman of the London Missionary Society, together with Shaw and Schmelen, visits the Chief of the Kai||khaun (also called "The Red Nation"), Tsawúb Gamab.
The fourth Ondonga King Nembungu lyAmutundu who had his capital at Iinenge dies in Ovamboland. His successor is King Nangolo dAmutenya (ca. 1820-1857). He establishes the capital Ondonga. During his reign his kingdom grows in power and wealth.
1821 Wesleyan missionary James Archbell establishes a mission station in Grootfontein (in the south of the country) together with Jacob Links (until 1822).
1822 Schmelen leaves Bethany due to Orlam dissatisfaction with missionary work among the Kai||khaun (also called "The Red Nation")(after he "almost begged them upon my knees that they should come to church but they would not").
Archbell leaves Grootfontein (south) also due to Orlam dissatisfaction with missionary work among the Kai||khaun.
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