Battles and Skirmishes in the History of Namibia

Precolonial Period: Epoch of the "Explorers"

Skirmish at Kuiseb River Mouth, March 1677

Skirmish between Europeans and Nama at the Atlantic Coast, near Walvis Bay, 1793
Skirmish between G Visagie and Orlam Afrikaners, Keetmanshoop, 1793
Skirmish between Nama and Orlam Afrikaners, in the Keetmanshoop area, 1793

Precolonial Period: Missionary Epoch

Skirmish at Walvis Bay, January 1849
Battle of Okahandja, August 1850
Skirmish between the sons of Mungunda and Kahitjene, March 1851
Attack Jonker's on the Ondonga area (Ovamboland), 1852
Battle of Omambonde, 1852
Battle of Otjihinamaparero, 1852
Battle of Otjosemba, 1852
Skirmish between Nangolo d'Amutenya and Carl Hugo Hahn, July 1857
Attack Jonker's on Ondonga King Shipanga shAmukwiita, 1859
Skirmishes between the Ongandjera and Uukwambi areas, 1860
Attacks Jonker's on Ovamboland and Kaokoveld, 1860/61
Attack on Kaokoveld by Swartboois and Topnaars, 1860-1890
Attack Jonker's on Ongandjera King Amunyela, 1862
Skirmish at Onayena, 1862
Battle of Otjimbingwe (defeat of Orlam Afrikaners by Andersson), June 1863
Attack on expedition of Robert Lewis by Samuel Afrikaner, 1864
Battle of Witvley, March 1864
Battle of Otjonguere, June 1864
Battle of Rehoboth, August 1864
Battle of Gibeon, December 1864
Battle of Gibeon, July 1865
Battle of Otjimbingwe, September 1865
Skirmish at Namutoni with Palgrave, April 1866
Battle of Gibeon, September 1866
Battle of Otjimbingwe (Defeat of Orlam Afrikaners by Hahn), 1867
Battle of Anawood, December 1867
Battle of Otjimbingwe, December 1867
Skirmish at Walvis Bay, December 1867
Skirmish at Walvis Bay, May 1868
Battle of Otjomukaru, November 1868

Battle of Gurumanas (||Gurumâ!nâs), August 1880
Battle of Okangondo, October 1880
Battle of Etusis, December 1880
Skirmish at Otjimbingwe, December 1880
Battle of Otjosazu, December 1880
Battle of Otjikango, December 1880
Battle of Osona, November 1881
Skirmish at Rehoboth, End 1882

Colonial Period: German Era

Battle of Onguheva, June 1884
Battle of Osona, October 1885
Skirmishes between Moses Witbooi and Paul Visser, 1887/1888
Riots in Damaraland, 1888
Battle of Tsaobis, August 1889
Skirmish at Otjimbingwe, September 1890
Skirmish at Gibeon, October 1891
Battle of Otjihaenena, February 1892
Battle of Hornkranz, July 1892
Attack of Tswana King Sekgoma on Kavango, 1893
Massacre of Lishora (Kavango), 1893
Battle of Hornkranz, April 1893
Battle of Hornkranz, May 1893
Skirmish at Naos, May 1893
Skirmish at Windhoek, June 1893
Skirmish at Gurumanas, July 1893
Skirmish at Diepdal, August 1893
Skirmish at Horibes, August 1893
Battle of Hornkranz, September 1893
Skirmish at Kubub, November 1893
Battle of Hornkranz, December 1893
Skirmish in the Naukluft Mountains, January 1894
Skirmish at Aais, February 1894
Battle at the Naukluft Mountains, August/September 1894
Battle of Gobabis, March 1896
Battle of Namdas (Siegfeld), April 1896
Battle of Otjunda (Sturmfeld), May 1896
Skirmish between Germans and Orlam Afrikaners, July/August 1897
Battle at the Gamsib Ravine (Oranje River), August 1897
Battle at the Grootberg, March 1898
Battle of Warmbad, October 1903
Battle of Sandfontein, November 1903
Battle at the Great Karas Mountains, December 1903
Battle of Hartebeestmund (Oranje River), December 1903
Mutinies in the District of Maltahöhe, December 1903
Skirmish at Uhabis, December 1903

Battle at the Kaiser Wilhelm Mountain, Okahandja, January 1904
Skirmish at Gobabis, January 1904
Skirmish at Hatsamas, January 1904
Skirmish at Hohewarte, January 1904
Battle of Okahandja, January 1904
Ovaherero Conquest of Waterberg Military Station, January 1904
Battle of Namutoni, January 1904
Skirmish at Okanjande, January 1904
Skirmish at Omarasa, January 1904
Skirmish at Oparakane, January 1904
Skirmish at Osona, January 1904
Skirmish at Otavi, January 1904
Skirmish at Otjituuo, January 1904
Skirmish at Seeis, January 1904
Skirmish at Uitkomst, January 1904
Battle of Teufelsbach, January 1904
Skirmish at Waldau, January 1904
Battle of Groß Barmen, February 1904
Skirmish at Kehoro, February 1904
Skirmish at Klein Barmen, February 1904
Battle of Lievenberg, February 1904
Battle of Omaruru, February 1904
Battle of Otjihinamaparero, February 1904
Battle of Outjo, February 1904
Battle of Seeis, February 1904
Skirmish at Erindi Okaserandu, March 1904
Skirmish near Onjatu, March 1904
Battle of Owikokorero, March 1904
Skirmish at Engarawau, April 1904
Battle of Okaharui, April 1904
Battle of Okangundi, April 1904
Battle of Ongandjira, April 1904
Battle of Otjikuara, April 1904
Battle of Oviumbo, April 1904
Battle of Omatupa, August 1904
Skirmish between Waterberg and Osondjache, August 1904
Battle at the Waterberg (Hamakari/Ohamakari), August 1904

Skirmish at Kouchanas-||Khauxa!nas, August 1904
Skirmish at Gais, September 1904
Skirmish at Garabis, September 1904
Skirmish at Namutoni (Ovaherero against San), September 1904
Skirmish at Platbeen, September 1904
Skirmish at Bethany, October 1904
Skirmish at Gochas, October 1904
Skirmish at Kub (Ober-Packriem), October 1904
Skirmish at Marienthal, October 1904
Skirmish at Wasserfall, October 1904
Battle of Alurisfontein, November 1904
Skirmish at Hasuur, November 1904
Battle of Kub, November 1904
Skirmish at Lidfontein, November 1904
Battle of Warmbad, November 1904
Massacre of Ombakaha, November 1904
Skirmish at Umeis, November 1904
Battle of Koes, December 1904
Skirmish at Naris, December 1904
Skirmish at Rietmond, December 1904
Battle of Uibis, December 1904
Skirmish at Gochas, January 1905
Battle of Groß Nabas, January 1905
Battle of Haruchas, January 1905
Skirmish at Schürfpenz, January 1905
Battle of Stamprietfontein, January 1905
Battle of Swartfontein, January 1905
German Attack on Ovambo Workers at Etaneno, January 1905
Skirmish at Urikuribis, January 1905
Battle of Nunub, February 1905
Battle of Aob, March 1905
Skirmish at Garup, March 1905
Skirmish at Heusis (Khomas Hochland), March 1905
Skirmish at Kaurama (Kaukauveld), March 1905
Skirmish at Klein Nabis, March 1905
Battle of Narudas ("Robber Henrick's Place"), March 1905
Skirmish at Uchanaris, March 1905
Battle of Ganams, April 1905
Battle of Huams, April 1905
Battle of Nanibkobis (Koaeib River), April 1905
Skirmish at Narudas, April 1905
Battle of Auob, May 1905
Battle of Ganachab, May 1905
Battle of Gaos, May 1905
Skirmishes around Kouchanas-||Khauxa!nas, May 1905
Skirmish at Kowes, May 1905
Skirmish at Leukop, May 1905
Battle of Mukorob, May 1905
Skirmish at Kouchanas-||Khauxa!nas, June 1905
Battle at the Kareb River, south of ||Khauxa!nas, June 1905
Skirmish at Wasserfall, July 1905
Skirmish at Wortel (Nomaos), August 1905
Battle of Ai-Ais, September 1905
Skirmish at Guigatsis, September 1905
Skirmish at Heirachabis, September 1905
Skirmish at Naruchas, September 1905
Battle of Nochas, September 1905
Battle of Nubib (Zaris Mountains), September 1905
Skirmish at Oas, September 1905
Battle of Arahoab (to-day: Aranos), October 1905
Battle of Hartebeestmund (Oranje River), October 1905
Skirmish at Jerusalem, October 1905
Skirmish at Kirris Ost, October 1905
Skirmish at Schuitdrift (Naob)(Groendorn), October 1905
Skirmish at Vaalgras (Koichas), October 1905
Skirmish at Kirris Ost, November 1905
Battle of Gubuoms, December 1905
Battle of Toasis, December 1905
Battle of Duurdrift South, January 1906
Battle of Namtob, February 1906
Battle of Norechab, February 1906
Skirmish at Nunub, February 1906
Skirmish at Heikoms, March 1906
Skirmish at Jerusalem, March 1906
Battle of Kumkum, March 1906
Battle at the Little Karas Mountains, March 1906
Skirmish at Pelladrift, March 1906
Skirmish at Ukamas, March 1906
Battle of Wasserfall (Oranje River), March 1906
Battle of Fettkluft, April 1906
Skirmish at Klipdam, April 1906
Skirmish at Narudas, April 1906
Skirmish at Oas, April 1906
Skirmish at the Road between Nababis and Ukamas, April 1906
Battle of Wittmund, April 1906
Skirmish at De Villierspütz, May 1906
Battle of Dakaib, May 1906
Skirmish at Gais, May 1906
Battle of Gawachab, May 1906
Battle of Nugais, May 1906
Skirmish at Tsamab, May 1906
Battle of Van Rooysvley, May 1906
Battle of Gabis, June 1906
Battle of Sperlingspütz, June 1906
Battle of Warmbad, June 1906
Skirmish at Uhabis, July 1906
Skirmish at Alurisfontein, August 1906
Battle of Noibis, August 1906
Battle at the Uhabis River, August 1906
Battle of Aos at the Back River, August 1906
Skirmish at Lifdood, November 1906
Skirmish at Nuob River Mmouth (into Oranje River), November 1906
Battle of Eenzamheed (South Africa), September 1907
Skirmish at !Nanib (Auob River), January 1908
Skirmish at Kubub (north of Koes), March 1908
Battle of Seatsub (Bechuanaland), March 1908

First World War

Skirmish at Kummernais, August 1914
Skirmish at Beenbreck, September 1914
Skirmish at Nakop, September 1914
Skirmish at Ramansdrift, September 1914
Battle of Sandfontein, September 1914
SA Shelling of Swakopmund, September 1914
Skirmish at Walvis Bay, September 1914
Attack on Fort Cuangar (Angola), October 1914
Skirmish at Naulila (Angola), October 1914
Demolition of Railway Line Port Nolloth-Steinkopf by Germans, October 1914
Skirmish at Keimoes, October 1914
Skirmish at Rooisvley, October 1914
Attack on Fort Bunya (Angola), November 1914
Attack on Fort Dirico (Angola), November 1914
Attack on Fort Shambyu (Angola), November 1914
German Conquest of Fort Mucusso (Angola), November 1914
Skirmish at Naulila (Angola), December 1914
Skirmish at Nous (south of Stolzenfels), December 1914
Battle of Upington (South Africa), January 1915
Conquest of Goanikontes, February 1915
Skirmish at Kakamas, February 1915
Demolition of Railway Line Pomona-Bogenfels by SA, February 1915
Battle of Pforte-Jakkalswater-Riet, March 1915
Battle of Gibeon, April 1915
Skirmish at Kabirab, April 1915
Skirmish at Kabus, April 1915
Skirmish at Heuras, April 1915
Skirmish at Uitdraai, April 1915
Skirmish at Garies, May 1915
Battle of Sam-Khubis, May 1915
Battle of Otavifontein, July 1915
Skirmish at Ghaub, July 1915 (last skirmish during World War One)
Battle of Omongwa, September 1915

Colonial Period: South African Era

Battle of Oihole, February 1917
Attack on Dreihoek by Bondelswarts, May 1922
SA Attack on Bondelswarts, May 1922
Skirmish between San group and SA Police near Gobabis, July 1922
Armed protection by Uukwambi King Iipumbu ya Tshilongo, End 1922
SA Attack on Rehoboth, April 1925
SA Attack on Uukwambi King Iipumbu ya Tshilongo, 1932
Skirmish at Ombwelafuma, July/August 1932
Old Location Uprising, December 1959
Battle of Omugulu-gOmbashe, 26.08.1966
Battle of Oshikango, 27.09.1966
Swapo's Attack on Elundu, February 1978
SA Attack on Cassinga (Angola), May 1978
Swapo's Attack on Katima Mulilo, August 1978
Swapo's Attack on Eenhana, February 1979
Swapo's Attack on Okongo, February 1979
Swapo's Attack on Eenhana, August 1985
Battle at Mavinga in Angola and at the Lomba River in Angola, January 1988
Battle of Cuito Cuanavale (Angola), January-May 1988
Swapo's Attack on Eenhana, March 1988
Swapo's Attack on Okalongo, March 1988
Swapo's Attack on Okatope, March 1988
Swapo's Attack on Okongo, March 1988
Swapo's Attack on Onesi, March 1988
Attack on Techipa in Angola, May 1988
Attack on the Calueque Dam in Angola, near the Namibian border, May-June 1988
Battle of Engela, April 1989
Battle of Ohangwena, April 1989
Battle of Omafu, April 1989
Battle of Ondeshifiilwa, April 1989
Battle of Onuno, April 1989

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