Important Conferences in the History of Namibia

*Ai-5Gams Conference Group, April 1986
African Energy Forum, Amsterdam, May 1999
Afro-Asian-Latin American Solidarity Conference in Havana, 1966
All-Africa Lutheran Conference in Marangu, Tanzania, 1955
All-Africa Lutheran Conference in Antsirabe, Madagascar, 1960
All-Africa Lutheran Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 1965
All-African People’s Conference, Cairo, 1961
All-African People’s Conference, Tunis, January 1960
All-Party Conference, Geneva, November 1979
Anti-Corruption-Conference, Windhoek, October 1998
Berlin Conference (Congo Conference), 1884/85
Bulawayo Conference, November 1938
CCN-Conference: Breaking the Wall of Silence, 1996
Colonial Congress, Berlin, 1906
Commonwealth Summit Meeting at Harare, October 1991
Conference: ANC, SWAPO, MPLA, Frelimo, ZANU-PF, Johannesburg, October 2000
Conference for the Independence of Namibia, Vienna, July 1986
Conference of Nicosia, February 1967
Conference of Non-Aligned Countries in Columbia, 1995
Conference of Okahandja, December 1974
Conference of Stockholm, July 1988
Conference of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), Windhoek, April 1998
Conference on Education for Liberation, Bremen, July 1988
Congress of SWAPO Women's Council, December 1996
Consultative Conference in Kabwe, Zambia, October 1988
Consultative Conference of SADCC, Windhoek, 1991
Consultative Conference of SADC, Windhoek, 1997
ELC Synod, Okahandja, October 1957
ELC Synod, Khoichas (Mariental), 1962
ELC Synod, Otjimbingwe, 1967
ELC Synod, Otjimbingwe, 1972
Finnish Missionary Conference, Engela, September 1954
First Cape Town Summit, April 1977
First National Congress of the NUNW, September 1993 
Second Cape Town Summit, June 1977
First Conference of Independent African States, Accra, 1958
Second Conference: Independent African States, Addis Ababa, 1960
First Talks on the Re-integration of Walvis Bay and the Off-shore Islands, Cape Town, March 1991
Second Talks on the Re-integration of Walvis Bay and the Off-shore Islands, Windhoek, May 1991
Third Talks on the Re-integration of Walvis Bay and the Off-shore Islands, Pretoria, August 1992
Fourth Talks on the Re-integration of Walvis Bay and the Off-shore Islands, Kempton Park, August 1993
Fourth African Oil and Gas Trade and Finance Conference, Windhoek, April 1999
Freedom Fighters Conference, Winneba/Ghana, May/June 1962
Geneva Conference, August 1988
International Investors' Conference, Windhoek, February 1991
Internal Multi-Party Conference (MPC), September 1983
International Conference for Namibia, Dakar, Senegal, 1976
International Donor Conference, New York, June 1990
International Smart Partnership Conference, Malaysia, 2000
Land Conference, Windhoek, June 1991
Missionary Conference, Otjimbingwe, March 1856
OAU Summit Conference, 1977
OAU Summit Conference, Dakar (Senegal), 1992
OAU Summit Conference, Cameroon, July 1996
OAU Summit Conference, Togo, July 2000
Okahandja National Unity Conference, November 1975
Palgrave Conference, Okahandja, July 1876
Palgrave Conference, Okahandja, September 1876
Palgrave Conference, Hoachanas, June 1878
Peace Conference, Hoachanas, January 1858
Peace Conference, Okahandja, September 1870
People’s Conference on Land at Mariental, 1994
Peoples Consultative Conference, 1985
Pre-Implementation Conference: SC Res 435, Geneva, January 1980
Pre-Implementation Conference: SC Res 435, Geneva, January 1981
Rhenish Missionary Conference, Windhoek, Januar 1948
Rhenish Missionary Conference, Swakopmund, September 1948
Rhenish Missionary Conference, Windhoek, September 1950
Rhenish Missionary Conference, Swakopmund, September 1952
Rhenish Missionary Conference, Okahandja, December 1955
Rhenish Missionary Conference, Swakopmund, October 1960
SADCC Summit Conference, Windhoek, 1992
Southern African International Dialogue, Swakopmund, July 1998
SWAPO Congress, December 1991
SWAPO Congress, May/June 1997
SWAPO Extraordinary Congress, August 1998     
SWAPO’s National Conference, Walvis Bay, December 1973
Traditional Leaders Conference, April 1996
Turnhalle Constitutional Conference, 1975
UN Conference: Assistance to Namibia, Vienna, 24.-28.07.1989
UN Transportation and Communication Decade in Africa (UNTACDA II) Conference, Addis Ababa, May 1991
Versailles Peace Conference, June 1919
Vienna Conference, 1815
Windhoek Conference, December 1925
Workshop on Non-Grid Power, Windhoek, August 1999
World Conference of the FAO in Rome, November 1996
World Economic Forum, Windhoek, May 1998
World Solar Conference, Harare, September 1996

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