Councils, Boards and Commissions in the History of Namibia

Ad Hoc Subcommittee of the UN Security Council, 1970
Administrator-General’s Council
Advisory Boards for the Black Townships, 1924
Advisory Council for Namaland
Advisory Council for South West Africa
Advisory Council of the Baster
Anglo-Caprivi Boundary Commission, 1930
Boards of Headmen, 1924
Bondelswarts Council
Border Commission: between Fwe and Subya in the Caprivi, 1982
Cabinet Committee for the Rationalisation of the Public Service, 1993
Cabinet Committee on the Re-Organisation of the Government Garage, 1993
Central Personnel Institution
Christian Centre, 1973
Coloured Advisory Council
Coloured Council
Commission of Inquiry into the Bondelswarts Affair, 1922
Committee of Inquiry on the Misuse of Drought Aid Subventions, 1994 (Brits Commission)
Committee of Parents, 1985
Compensation Commission, 1904
Constitutional Drafting Committee, November 1989
Council for Coloured Affairs
Council of Basters
Council of Churches in Namibia (CCN), 1978
Council of Headmen (Ovaherero)
Credit Commission, 1902
Cross-Border Road Transport Agreement: Zambia-Namibia, 1995
Damara Advisory Council
Damara Council
Damara Council of Headmen
Damara Executive Committee (DEC)
Damara Legislative Council
Damara Tribal Executive Committee (DTEC)
Delimitation Commission, 1990
Election Commission, 1992
Executive Committee of the National Party of SWA
Expert Commission between Namibia and Botswana to investigate the Kasikili Island problems, 1992
Frank Commission
Geard and Allen Commission, 1939
Governor’s Council of German SWA
Hall Commission of Inquiry, 1960
Herero Chiefs’ Council
Interim's Constitutional Council, 1986
Interim's Ministers Council, 1980
International Commission for the South-East Atlantic Fisheries (ICSEAF)
Jacob de Villiers Commission of Inquiry, 1926
Joint Angolan-Namibian Border Security Commission, May 1990
Joint Commission between Botswana and Namibia: Repatriation of Persons of Namibian Origin, June 1991
Joint Commission of Cooperation between Zimbabwe and Namibia, 1995
Joint Monitoring Commission (JMC)(SA and Angola), 1984
Joint Technical Committee on the Walvis Bay Assets, 1994
Judicial Service Commission
Judicial Commission for the Prevention of Intimidation and Election Malpractices (O'Linn Commission), 1989
Labour Advisory Council, 1993
Legislative Council for Kavango
Legislative Council for Rehoboth
Mbanderu Council
Meat Board of Namibia, 1935
Multi-National Advisory Council for SWA, 1973
Nama Chiefs’ Council
Namibia National Council
Namibia-Zambia Joint Permanent Commission
Namibian Agronomic Board, 1985
Namibian Communications Commission (NCC), 1992
Namibian-South African Technical Committee for Walvis Bay, 1991
National Monument Council NMC), 1990
National Planning Commission, 1989
Native Advisory Board
Native Reserve Commission, 1928
Native Reserves Commission, 1922
Northern Labour Organisation (NLO)
OAU’s Liberation Committee
Odendaal Commission of Inquiry, 1962
Okavango River Basin Commission: Namibia, Botswana and Angola
Orlam Afrikaner Council
Ovamboland Executive Council
Ovamboland Legislative Council
Permanent Joint Technical Commission (PJTC): Angola and Namibia
Permanent Mandates Commission of the League of Nations
Presidential Commission of Enquiry, Destruction of Bagani Base, February 1991
Political Consultative Council (PCC)
Regional Councils of German SWA
Rehoboth Chief’s Council
Repatriation, Resettlement and Reconstruction Committee (RRR), 1989
Reserve Boards, 1919
Road Transportation Board, 1991
Roman-Catholic Commission on "Justice and Peace"
Settlers’ Commission, 1903
Social Security Commission, 1995
South African Public Service Commission
South African-Portugal Border Commission, 1920
South African-Portugal Boundary and Water Commission, 1926
South West Africa Native Labour Association (SWANLA)
Southern Labour Organisation (SLO)
Southern Africa Regional Air Transport Authority (SARATA), 1995
Standing Committee of the Constituent Assembly, November 1989
State Council, 1983
SWA Administration’s Advisory Council
SWA Agricultural Union (SWAAU)
SWA Executive Committee
SWA Monuments Council
SWA Society of Advocates
SWA-Angola Boundary Delimitation Commission, 1926
SWAPO Central Committee
SWAPO Elder’s Council
SWAPO Politburo
SWAPO Women’s Council
SWAPO Ya Otto Commission, 1976
SWAPO’s enlarged Central Committee
Technical Committee on Commercial Farmland (TCCF), 1992
Technical Committee to Evaluate Rightful Claims of Ex-Combatants, 1998
Territorial Council (Landesrat)
Thirion Commission, 1983
Trade Advisory Committee, 1992
Tribal Council (Ombongarero yomuhoko)(Kaokoveld)
Tripartite Working Group on the Bushmen Issue, December 1989
Turnhalle Constitutional Committee
UN Ad Hoc Committee for South West Africa, 1950
UN Ad Hoc Committee for South West Africa, 1966
UN Commission to investigate Election Violations, 1989
UN Council for Namibia
UN Council for SWA
UN Economic Commission for Africa
UN Good Offices Committee, 1957
UN Permanent Committee on South West Africa, 1953
UN Security Council
UN Special Committee for South West Africa, 1961
UN Special Committee of the Twenty-Four
UN Special Committee, 1962
UN Sub Committee of the Fourth Committee of the General Assembly
UN Trusteeship Committee
UN Vocational Centre in Angola
Van Dyk Judicial Commission, 1983
Van Zyl Commission, 1935
Vocational Training Board, 1992
Wage Board, 1953
Wages and Salary Commission (WASCOM), 1995
Witbooi Council
Witwatersrand Native Labour Association (WNLA)
Workers Steering Committee of the NUNW, 1986

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