ACV Aggregate Crushing Value

ASTM American Society for Testing Materials

B Ballast for Railways

BP Borrow Pit

CBR California Bearing Ratio

Ch Surfacing Aggregates or Chips

CO Coarse Aggregate for Concrete

CR Crusher-Run Basecourse

Cx Basecourse, Chips, Concrete, Ballast

DR District Road

FACT Fines Aggregate Crushing Test

FR Farm Road

GM Grading Modulus

LL Liquid Limit

LS Linear Shrinkage

Ma Million anni (years)


MR Main Road

NP Non Plastic

pH pH value

PI Plasticity Index

PL Plastic Limit

R R-Factor: Coefficient of Correlation

SABS South African Bureau of Standards

SP Slightly Plastic

TR Trunk Road

NOTA : Abbreviations like reference numbers of borrow pits, of geological groups and formations, sample numbers, mathematical expressions and variables, dimensions, trade marks, chemical expressions etc are not listed in the List of Abbreviations. They are explained in the text.

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