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This Memorandum of 1991/1992 consists of the emergency planning of the Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication of the Republic of Namibia for the different alternatives for the Re-Integration of the Enclave of Walvis Bay and the Off-Shore Islands. The major purpose was to give the Government of Namibia credible tools for different scenarios, in the case the South African Apartheid Government refuses to fulfil the will of the Namibian people as stipulated in the Constitution of the Republic of Namibia, namely that the Enclave of Walvis Bay and the Off-Shore-Islands are an inherent part of Namibia within the internationally (United Nations) recognised boundaries of the country.

The emergency planning was throughout in place (until February 1994) and played a humble role that the Enclave of Walvis Bay and the Off-Shore Islands were peacefully re-integrated into the Republic of Namibia on midnight, February 28th, 1994. Consequently the Namibia Port Authority "NamPort" was created, the two ports of Walvis Bay and Lüderitz considerably upgraded, the highway from Goageb  to Aus upgraded and surfaced and many other of the recommendations in the Memorandum realised.


Dr. Klaus Dierks

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