Politische Parteien und Organisationen

Action Christian National (ACN)
Action Front for the Retention of Turnhalle Principles (ACTUR)
Action National Settlement (Aksie Nasionale Skikking) (ANS)
African Communities League (ACL)
African Improvement Society (AIS)
African National Bond
African Peoples Organisation
Afrikaner Weerstands Beweging (AWB)
|Ai-||Gams Conference Group
Aksie Kontra 435 (Action against 435)
Association for the Preservation of the Tjamuaha-Maharero Royal House
Bantu Welfare Club
Bondelswarts Council
Breaking the Wall of Silence

Burgerorganisasie van Rehoboth
Bushman Alliance (BA)
Caprivi African National Union (CANU)
Caprivi Alliance Party (CAP)
Christian Democratic Action for Social Justice (CDA)
Christian Democratic Party (CDP)
Christian Democratic Union (CDU)
Coloured Advisory Council
Coloured Council
Committee of Parents
Communist Party of Namibia (Party of Jacob Morenga)
Congress of Democrats (COD)
Council for Coloured Affairs
Damara Action Group (DAG)
Damara Advisory Council
Damara Christian Democratic Party (DCDP)
Damara Council
Damara Council of Headmen
Damara Executive Committee (DEC)
Damara Tribal Executive Committee (DTEC)
Damara United Front (DUF)

Democratic Action for Namas (DAN)
Democratic Coalition of Namibia (DCN)
Democratic Co-operative Party (DEMCOP)
Democratic Organisation of Namibia
Democratic People’s Party (DPP)
Democratic Turnhalle Alliance (DTA)
Democratic Turnhalle Party (DTP)
Democratic Turnhalle Party of Namibia (DTPN)

Deutsche Afrikanische Partei
Deutsche Aktion: Deutsch-Südwester Komitee (DSK)
Deutsche Front
Deutsche Wohlfahrtsgesellschaft (German Charitable Association)
Deutscher Bund in Südwestafrika (DB)(German League)
Deutscher Südwest Bund (DSWB)
Economic Party
Eenheidsfront (Unity Front)
Federal Coloured People’s Party (FCPP)
Federal Convention of Namibia (FCN)
Federal Party (FP)
Forum for the Future, Oktober 1998
Green Band Organisation
Herero Chiefs’ Council
Herstigte Nasionale Party (HNP)
Hoachanas Community
Independence and National Convention Party
Independent Economic Party
Independent South West Party

Interessengemeinschaft Deutschsprachiger Südwester (IG)
Interessengemeinschaft Deutschsprechender für Namibia (IG)
Ipelegeng Democratic Party (IDP)
Kavango Action Group (KAG)
Kavango Alliance Party (KAP)
Keetmanshoop Community
Kleurling Ouer-Onderwyser Vereniging (KOOV)
Labour Party (LP)
Legal Assistance Centre
Liberal Party
Liberated Democratic Party (LDP)
Liberated Democratic Party/Rehoboth Liberation Front (LDP/LF)
Lüderitzbucht Foundation
Mandate Party
Mandume Movement
Mbanderu Council
Mmabatho People’s Party (MPP)
Monitor Action Group (MAG)
Multi-Party Conference (MPC)
Nama Alliance
Nama Chiefs’ Council
Namaland People’s Congress
Namibia African National Union (NANU)
Namibia African People’s Democratic Organisation (NAPDO)
Namibia Christian Democratic Party (NCDP)
Namibia Democratic Party
Namibia Independence Party (NIP)
Namibia National Convention (NNC)
Namibia National Council
Namibia National Democratic Coalition (NNDC)
Namibia National Democratic Party (NNDP)
Namibia National Front (NNF)
Namibia National Independence Party (NNIP)
Namibia Patriotic Coalition (NPC)
Namibia Peace Plan 435 (NPP-435)
Namibia People’s Liberation Front (NPLF)
Namibia United Front (NUF)
Namibia Volksparty (People’s Party)
Namibia Women's  Action for Equality Party
Namibian Women’s Voice
Namibische Nationale Studenten-Organisation (NANSO)
National Convention (NC)
National Convention Independence Party (NACIP)
National Convention of Freedom Parties of Namibia (NCFP)
National Democratic Party (NDP)
National Democratic Unity Party (NDUP)
National Independence Party (NIP)
National Independence People’s Party (NIPP)
National Party of SWA (NPSWA)
National Patriotic Front (NPF)
National Progressive Party
National Society for Human Rights (NSFHR)
National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO)
National-Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei (NSDAP)
Native Advisory Board
NUDO Progressive Party (NUDO-PP) (also known as "Jo’horongo")
Omaruru Political Society
Original People’s Party of Namibia (OPPN)
Otjiserandu" (Red Band Organisation or Truppenspieler)
Ovamboland Independence Party (OIP)
Ovamboland People's Congress (OPC)
Ovamboland People’s Organisation (OPO)
Parents’ Committee
Patriotic Unity Movement
Political Consultative Council (PCC)
Popular Movement 1904 (PM 1904)
Progressive Association (Damara)
Progressive People’s Party (PPP)
PROSWA/Namibia Foundation

Rainbow Project
Rehoboth Action Group (RAG)
Rehoboth Baster Association (RBA)
Rehoboth Burgervereniging (Rehoboth Civic Organisation)
Rehoboth Democratic Party
Rehoboth Democratic Turnhalle Alliance Party (RDTAP)
Rehoboth Liberation Front (LF)
Rehoboth Liberation Party
Rehoboth Taxpayer’s Association
Rehoboth Volksparty (People’s Party)
Republican Party (RP)
Riemvasmaak United Party (RUP)
Seoposengwe Party
Sister Namibia Collective
Socialist Alliance of Namibia (SAN)
Society for the Advancement of the African People in South West Africa
South West Africa Coloured Peoples’ Bond (SWACPB)
South West Africa League
South West Africa National United Front (SWANUF)
South West Africa People’s Organisation (SWAPO)
South West Africa Progressive Association (SWAPA)
South West African Coloured Teachers’ Association (SWACTA)

South West African Democratic Union (SWADU)
South West African Labour and Farmers’ Party
South West African Liberation Front (SWANLIF)
South West African National Congress (SWANC)
South West African National Union (SWANU)
South West African Non-European Unity Movement (SWANEUM)
South West African People’s Democratic United Front (SWAPDUF)
South West Party (Suidwes Party)
SWA Action Group (SWAAG)
SWA Coloured Organisation (SWACO)
SWA Student Body (SWASB)
SWA United National Independence Organisation (SWAUNIO)
SWA Vroue (SWA Women)
SWANU-Progressive (SWANU-P)
SWAPO Democrats (SWAPO-D)
SWAPO for Justice
True Namibia Independence Party (TNIP)
Truppenspieler-Organisation of the Ovambo 120
Tswana Alliance
Turnhalle Conference

Union Party (Unie Party)
United Democratic Front of Namibia (UDF)
United Democratic Party (UDP)
United Liberation Movement
United Nama Independence People’s Party (UNIPP)
United Namib Independence Party
United Namibia People’s Party (UNPP)
United National South West Party (UNSWP)
United Party in SWA (UP)
United Party of Namibia
Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA)
Vaalgras Community
Voice of the People Party

Volksdeutsche Gruppe
Volksorganisasie van Suidwes-Afrika
Wit Weerstandsbeweging (White Resistance Movement)
Witbooi Community of Gibeon
Workers Revolutionary Party (WRP)
Zuid West Vereniging