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Precolonial Settlement of ||Khauxa!nas
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PLEASE NOTE: DR. KLAUS DIERKS passed away on 17 March 2005. 

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This is the most comprehensive Database on Engineering and History in Namibia based on my various publications. Inter alia you will find the first complete Chronology on Namibian History from the precolonial times to independent Namibia (2000) as well as the story of the only so far discovered ruins of pre-colonial Namibia: //Khauxa!nas. Furthermore there are numerous publications on transport (roads, railways and ports), communications, water and energy engineering as well as my Ph.-D.-Thesis on low-volume roads in Namibia. There is  a documentation on more than twenty Himalaya trekking expeditions which I undertook in more than forty five years (since 1959) with one of the best collections of Himalaya and Karakoram photos you can find on the web. Photo Documentations on various trekking expeditions to the Himalayas have been completed: Rolwaling'80: Trekking Expedition through the Remote Rolwaling in Nepal to Base Camp of Mount Everest; Khumbu-Hongu'82: Trekking Expedtion connecting Cho Oyu, Mount Everest, Lhotse and Makalu; Karakoram'94: Trekking Expedition to Base Camp of K2; Tibet'97: On forbidden tracks through south-eastern Tibet; Tibet'98: On the trail of Sven Hedin through western and northern TibetTrekking Expedtion to the Indian Himalaya'2003: Lahaul, Spiti and Kinnaur. The Namibia Photo Library with photos which I have taken during the last forty years, is regularly updated. A further project is a comprehensive Database of Namibian Biographies.

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My e-mail address can be found under "About Dr. Klaus Dierks"


In the case of serious research inquiries you will find my e-mail address on "About Dr. klaus Dierks". I would like to draw your attention on the following: This Web-Site is a free research tool on Namibian Engineering and History. The research on these topics is ongoing. You can also see (About: Dr. Klaus Dierks) that I am still overwhelmed with some daunting tasks in the  interest of the Namibian nation. Under these circumstances it would be extremely difficult to react on each and every individual request, for instance for individual genealogy, which is sent to me via e-mail (more than 20 000 hits from more than 100 countries are calling  my Site every day). In most cases the answers can be found on the Site if it carefully studied. The powerful Search Roboter: "Search the Site" will assist you in finding   key words on Namibia (and the Himalayas). If I would answer every request, I would be forced to close down  my research efforts. Therefore I am not able  any more to answer individual requests. Due to the fact that I am still, in-spite of my request, constanly bombarded by e-mail requests on a daily basis, I have very reluctantly to bring you the following under your attention: I am terminally ill by an incurable cancer: The ltiile bit of my life strength I still need for my own work. Please, respect this. 

February 2005                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Dr. Klaus Dierks

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NEW BOOKS OF KLAUS DIERKS (English and German):

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Handing over of the two Books to H.E., Dr. Sam Shafiishuna Nujoma, the President of the Republic Namibia, at State House, Windhoek, on 18.08.2003

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