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General Map of Namibia

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Simplified RoadsMap of Namibia


National Flag

The National Flag is a symbol of our struggle for national unity. It symbolises peace, unity and a common loyalty to Namibia. The National Flag represents the nation in every aspect.

  • The sun symbolises life and energy. The colour gold represents warmth and the colour of our plains and the Namib Desert.
  • Blue symbolises the Namibian sky, the Atlantic Ocean, our marine resources and the importance of rain and water.
  • Red represents the Namibian people, their heroism and their determination to build a future of equal opportunity for all.
  • White refers to peace and unity.
  • Green refers to Namibia’s vegetation and agricultural resources.
  • The Flag is rectangular, with the colours arranged diagonally across it. The top left hand triangle is blue, the centre band red and the bottom right hand triangle is green. The colours are seperated by narrow white bands. On the blue triangle is a golden sun with twelve triangular rays. The rays are seperated from the golden centre by a blue ring.